Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Federation Race Routes & Propositions for 2017 Season


The Lincolnshire South Road Federation


Mr/Mrs. Dave & Lorna Hemsworth


75 Timberley Drive




N.E. Lincs


DN37 9QZ


Tel: 01472 - 588402.


Race Routes & Propositions for 2017 Season 


  1. We fly the East Coast Route 2017 Prop Carr Lane F C Sec Coronation FC & Imm Central FC.

  2. We fly the Middle Route 2017 Prop Gainsborough & Dist Sec Humberston FC Barrow HS

  3. Rule 15.   Page 15 delete the word ‘Fifteen’ from lines 10, 17, 19 and replace with the word ‘Twenty’. The rest of the rule to remain the same.

    Prop. Clee Imp F C

  4. Delete Rule 14. New Rule Each proposition to be one club one vote Prop. Gainsborough & Dist

  5. Rule 9 Delete £10 and replace with £15 Prop. Gy S R Inv & Carr Lane FC

  6. Rule 33. After be liberated delete as early as possible and insert birds not to arrive at shortest flying lofts before 1pm. Prop. Carr Lane FC

  7. Delete Rule 23 and replace with: Each Club shall call a meeting of members to discuss and vote on Federation Race Routes & Race Points as submitted annually by clubs. At this meeting an Attendance Book shall be produced, then at the federation meeting called to decide on Race Routes & Race Points the total members eligible to vote according to the secretary each club shall vote on each route & each race point programme and record the number of votes For each route and race programme The Route and Race Programme gaining the most votes For shall be adopted for the coming season in the event of a tie the Delegates to vote from the floor the Chairman to have the casting vote if required. Prop. Carr Lane FC.

  8. Rule 9 Prop Gy S R Inv. Part two after the words ‘nearest penny’ insert   additional 20p per bird this is to cover maintenance costs of the transporters the rest of the rule to remain the same.

  9. The Following Propositions the Chairman & Secretary believe they are out of order due to rules not being amended and not worded correctly.

  10. Prop Imm Cent FC When basketing put back due to bad weather we basket at dinner time to get to the race point earlier to give birds a longer rest.

  11. Prop Humberston FC. New Rule that birdage be reduced by 5p per bird.

  12. Prop Humberston FC.New Rule that the federation have 3 races at the channel ie the shortest race be 250 miles and the longest be 450 miles.

  13. Prop Humberston FC New Rule that the federation appoint a Committee for a go forward plan for a new transportation.

  14. Prop Humberston FC New Rule that the federation supply two persons to load transporters to be able and willing.

  15. Prop Carr Lane FC Rule 4 At end of rule add seasons races to be decided by club members.

    We have suggestions from Carr Lane FC, Gainsborough & Dist, Barrow HS and Coronation FC have been forwarded to the Transport Committee for their consideration ie come back races.



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