Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Cleethorpes Imp Breeder buyer 2017

Cleethorpes Imperial Breeder/Buyer 2017
To be flown from Maidstone 9th sept
Breeder   Buyer
Mr & Mrs M Flello GB17C02826 Mr & Mrs M Flello
Mr & Mrs D Gardner GB17C02897 W May
M Blyth GB17Z042642 W May
M Blyth GB17Z042643 J Emslie
Horrocks Bros GB17C02726 Horrocks Bros
Horrocks Bros GB17C02727 Horrocks Bros
G Moughton GB17C02882 G Moughton
Ward & Winchester GB17Z060528 S Ward
R Sparkes GB17Z012066 R Sparkes
R Sparkes GB17Z012064 J Emslie
R Sparkes GB17Z012067 S Barlow & White
R Sparkes GB17Z012065 J & S Emslie
J & R Hogg GB17C02781 J & R Hogg
J & R Hogg GB17C02785 J & R Hogg
J Hand GB17C02766 J Hand
K Wagstaff GB17Z057767 K Wagstaff
K Wagstaff GB17Z057768 K Wagstaff
Andrews & Barguss GB17C02629 Andrews & Barguss
Andrews & Barguss GB17C02633 Andrews & Barguss
Andrews & Barguss GB17C02603 W May
Andrews & Barguss GB17C02601 S Ward
S Dunderdale GB17X44626 J Emslie
D Cox GB17Z016301 J & S Emslie
D Cox GB17Z016302 J Emslie
R Farr GB17C02651 W May
R Farr GB17C02652 W May
R Rusling GB17Z015435 R Rusling
R Rusling GB17Z015436 R Rusling
Breeder   Buyer
1st £200   1st £200
2nd £100   2nd £100
3rd £50   3rd £50
4th £25   4th £25

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