Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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East Section Champion loft trophy 2017. Winner Steve Smith. Carr Lane F.C.


Federation East Section Champion Loft trophy 2017  
Upto and including Battle 16-9-17      
Congratulations to Steve Smith, Carr Lane F.C. On winning this trophy 3 years running.
Please note that only a fanciers first birds counts for points    
Name   Club   Section Points
Smith S   Carr Lane F.C.   East 166
Sparkes R   Cleethorpes Imp F.C.   East 147
Watt & Son   Carr Lane F.C.   East 120
Gardner Mr & Mrs D.   Cleethorpes Imp F.C.   East 113
Horsfall & Fox   Humberstone   East 107
Aisthorpe & Smith   Humberstone F.C   East 104
Lawson Mr & Mrs D.   Carr Lane F.C.   East 92
Rusling R   Humberstone   East 56
Skelton J & K   Gy West Marsh H.S.   East 56
Moore D.   Grimsby S.R.I.F.C.   East 52
Grainge & Son   Grimsby S.R.I.F.C   East 47
Ward & Winchester   Carr Lane F.C. & Gy S.R.I.F.C.   East 47
Moughton G.   Clee Imp F.C.   East 44
Blendell Mr & Mrs & Son   Humberstone   East 39
Wakefield J & Sons   Clee Imp F.C.   East 35
Poole & Bennett   Bradley S.R.C.   East 32
Hemsworth Mr & Mrs   Grimsby S.R.I.F.C.   East 31
Hogg R   Clee Imp F.C.   East 31
Dunks M   Bradley S.R.C.   East 29
Childs & Evardson   Grimsby South Road Inv   East 28
Smith Steve   Gy West Marsh H.S.   East 22
Leaning D   Carr Lane F.C.   East 20
D.S.P.   Humberstone   East 19
Andrews & Barguss   Cleethorpes Imp F.C.   East 18
Arthur J   Carr Lane F.C.   East 13
Goodwin F & D   Gy West Marsh H.S.   East 13
Jennings G   Carr Lane F.C.   East 13
Appleby Mr & Mrs   Grimsby S.R.I.F.C.   East 12
Emmerson .R.   Grimsby S.R.I.F.C.& G.Y.D   East 12
Hodgson M/M A   Carr Lane F.C.   East 12
Langford Marie   Gy & District H.S.   East 12
Powles Mr & Mrs G   Humberstone   East 11
Hardy. P.   Gy West Marsh H.S.   East 10
Purymski & Son   Bradley S.R.C.   East 10
Snook S   Gy South Road I.F.C.   East 10
Farr R   Cleethorpes Imp F.C.   East 9
Finning Mr & Mrs M   Carr Lane F.C.   East 9
Gladding M/M.D   Bradley S.R.C.   East 8
Snook & Dixon   Gy & District H.S.   East 8
Andrews. A. & Sons   Grimsby S.R.I.F.C.   East 7
Cox D   Carr Lane F.C. & Imp   East 5
Gale .M.   Gy West Marsh H.S.   East 5
Smith S    Gy West Marsh H.S.   East 5
Staples C   Gy & District H.S.   East 5
Emslie J & S   Grimsby S.R.I.F.C.   East 4
Walden J   Gy West Marsh   East 2


East Section Champion Club Trophy 2017
15 points for 1st position down to 1 point for 15th position.
Up to and including Battle 16-09-17  
      1st Section gained
Carr Lane Flying Club 465   8   Champion Club 2017
Cleethorpes Imperial F.C. 381   6
Humberstone F.C. 326   5
Grimsby South Road I.F.C. 248    
Grimsby West Marsh H.S. 108   2
Bradley Racing Pigeon Club 76   1
Grimsby & District H.S. 25    

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